Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!


I tell you what, I really needed a break, so I took a vacation from a lot of things, including blogging.

Once the spring and summer adrenaline rush was passed, and I slowed down a little, it got to where I felt like I was in molasses and needed to rest. Autumn has arrived just in time.

Our adventures lately included not getting any income from my missing husband at all. Last I heard there is a warrant out for his arrest until he comes up with the money he owed. So life has been a bit tougher financially. Wouldn't you know, my big car insurance bill came due. Anyhow, we have received help from our church family, and we have found another temporary cleaning job to get us through this crisis. But it's been a bit exhausting for both of us. We really needed some time off, and I'm trying to hold back on the things we are doing so I don't end up in a padded room.

We had to repair our electric fence, which meant a new battery and charger unit. Ouch!

We got to spend some time ministering to others. I'll try to get to sharing some of those pics. They make me smile!

Here is another view of our Autumn skies. I love blue with big puffies.

On Friday we drug out the framing for our sukkah and put it together.

Sukkah means portable dwelling, in Hebrew. We built one as part of our learning in history and taking part in Sukkot, one of the Lord's festivals.

Getting ready to staple the fabric to the sides.

And here is the main part all done. We have yet to put the pine bows across the top, where we strung rope across to hold them.

Sadly, all week is to be cool and showery. Not much fun for an outdoor, week-long celebration with friends, which is what Sukkot is supposed to be.

Who IS that masked man?




  1. hi, Faith, sorry to hear things have gotten rough again. Those car insurance payments are a *****! Glad to hear you found a temp job, when ever I look at Craigslist it only make me more depressed, because I find out I'm not qualified to pick up dog poo, or take the crappiest job available, no pun indented. Anyway, sounds like the perfect time to take a break, I hope you can let go of your troubles and rest easy for sukkot. Things will get better!

  2. Jo,

    Life is sure getting tougher all around, isn't it. I need to get around and catch up on blogs, I've not been keeping up. Have you been needing work for long?


  3. Faith, money problems are abundant around here too. Hubby has been laid off since Dec of last year. Hope your problems get solved. The sukkot is beautiful!

  4. Very cool! I love the colors you chose.

    We too have been much more tight around least with the budget. I keep trying to think positively..but It Is HARD! I keep telling myself that God will pull us through. I think Tim or I will have to get some work to get through the winter. I just keep thinking that when Spring gets here...all will be better. Hopefully we will be able to sell some vegie plants and such.

    Keep us in your I have been praying for you guys!

    Love ya,
    Lori :0)

  5. SFG,

    I'm so sorry, I knew he'd been out of work, but that is a long time. Just keep hearing more bad news from the government all the time, or if there is good news, it gets turned around pretty quickly into bad.

    Humanity is at it's best when good people work hard. Trials seem to bring out the best and the worst.

    Here is to the best, by the grace of God.


  6. Lori,

    Thanks! I can't take credit for the colors, though. They were simply what I had available in my closet last year when we first put it up. But I was pleased with how it turned out.

    I hope to also make some money next year, if I can get a greenhouse going. You have such a nice one, there is wonderful potential there! Have you thought about specialty plants?



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