Monday, April 13, 2009

I Have Not Gone Away.

Actually, I have been amazingly busy. I have wanted so much to share what was going on, but I couldn't.

You see, I was working on a project, a back porch, and trying to get that done. I took quite a few pictures to share. On the last day, when it was completed, which I believe was October 31, I was finishing up cutting the very last board for our deck and I caught three of my fingers in the skill saw.

Yup, I am embarrassed to say, I was not careful enough. So, I was not typing very well for some time. Instead, I was recovering from surgery to save one finger which they told me at first it would likely need amputation. The "A" word!

Let me assure you all. This was an accident that was completely avoidable. The story is kind of funny, in my morbid-sense-of-humor way. I hope I can share some of it with you as time permits.

I DID get to keep my finger. I am still paying on the skin graft surgery and my finger does not look it's former self, but I can type again. I do make more mistakes and am slower, however I hope that will continue to improve.

Meanwhile, I will be catching you up on more of our Lemonade Adventures, with Michael and me.



  1. Faith..ouch! Oh my goodness, that is not good! I can relate to the dangers of power tools, I worked in the power tool industry for 15 years for Milwaukee Electric Tool, and even though I never cut any fingers, I had first hand experience with how bad an injury can be from a power tool. At least you weren't on your roof cutting tree limbs with your circle saw like one of the guys did that ended up falling off his roof, cutting himself and then trying to sue us...At least you were using the saw for what it was intended to be used for, if that's any consolation. :-) Glad you're doing better now! R Dean

  2. Dean,

    I have one boy who has spent his life using the wrong tool for the job in everything. I hope he avoids the circular saw on the tree routine!

    Yes, it could have been MUCH worse! I know the Lord was protecting me, if you'd have seen the injury, it was amazing. That blade literally cleaned my tendon off for nearly 1.5 inches, but never cut it. I stood there, waiting for something to fall off, but gladly nothing ever did. :)



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