Monday, October 20, 2008

Wow! OK This looks much better!


It's done. Now we have the BBQ in a spot, as well as a little outdoor kitchen I bought years ago as a chicken butchering station. You can hook a hose up to it and have running water with a sink and drainage. It has racks and storage drawers shelves, and such. Really a nice thing to have around.

The little blue bench is a checker bench I made about 20 years ago. Two kids can sit on it and play checkers on the board I painted in the center. Storage for the checkers I made is underneath, but they were lost many years ago. Michael is ready to help me make some new ones, though.

The round table was a patio table I had purchased last spring. The wind blew it over while I was at a friend's Pampered Chef party. I came home to shattered glass all in my lawn, pebble walkway, and driveway. I cannot even count howlong it took us to pick all that glass up! So it's topless except for a plywood circle I cut to fit in there. I want to cover it with something to spruce it up...

Today we made more chips, so I took some pics for you.




We took them and the salsa out to our sukkah and spent another relaxing time there. We went on a walk later and picked up natural decor for the season.


Are the holidays here already? Seems we just began summer!


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