Saturday, April 18, 2009

October 31, 2008 - Almost done!

Another early morning. It's so good to get out and get as much done as possible before the heat of the day hits.

I forgot to take pictures for you before we got very far. Here you can see a closer picture of the 2 x 6 we used to fasten the stringers together at the bottom. Then that 2 x 6 rests on stones we leveled. Now we are beginning to cut and place the boards for the steps onto the stringers.

When you can, it's great to have your bits in separate drills. It sure cuts down on time spent switching between them repeatedly.

Here is the slightly off-level slant we chose to guide the water off of the porch and away from the house.

Now we are going to fasten the stairway stringers securely to the porch joists. One day, we would like to join the porches and have a continual wrap around, so we want the stairways moveable as we slowly add on. We use a bolting system so that they can be unfastened and refastened anywhere else we might like. A drill to make a hole, a lag screw with washers to be sent through the boards, and wrenches to tighten them.

Beginning to drill the hole for the lag screw. You can see the temporary screw just a few inches to the left that we used to hold the stairs up until we got to this point. We put in 3 or 4 lag screws, I can't remember which.

Man! It's hard work!

Michael, beginning to wrench in the lag screws.

Looking forward to a lovely harvest festival time. That BBQ was only 5 dollars, and we got the firepit on sale for 40. Great finds!


Almost done! Still, there are feaux lady bugs EVERYwhere!

This was Friday night and we really wanted it done for Saturday. That was my first mistake. Impatience.

Always learning...

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