Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can This Garden Be Saved?


My focus is all about reducing cost and labor in the future. I tell you what, this body is getting old, and if I don't find ways to cut corners and achieve either the same or better, I'm going to be crying "Uncle" from some hammock in a very cheap area south of the Border, trying to live on 4o bucks a month and learning to love, and I mean REALLY love, rice, beans, and naked chickens hanging from questionable tin roofs.

One of last weeks projects was to see if we can bring any of the garden in with us to live through the winter and get a head start next year. I've known that peppers are actually a perennial, in tropical climates, so they can be saved in a pot indoors. I will do that as soon as I'm done harvesting peppers.

I've been also taking pinchings and cuttings from just about everything. I have simply never been good at making them grow, but I've certainly been doing a lot of practicing this month.

Here are some failings. These little plants never thrived up there, but they were tough. It took me 4 years to kill them, but they finally died completely about year ago. So I figured it might be time to dump them out.

Do you remember the houseplant I grew so frustrated with, that we whacked it off and stuck the branches in a vase? That was 6 months ago.

Some of those branches were still alive and had grown roots.

So, not having a clue what to do with them, I laid them to rest in this pot.

And covered them up.

Then refreshed myself with a blueberry, strawberry, banana smoothie.

Since I was in a transplanting and cutting mood, this little grass-snuggling-errant from the compost bucket caught me eye.....

Nah. Don't go crazy girl!

The first week of September I planted these lemon seeds. And after about 2 weeks I had a little lemon tree!

As of today, I have a 7 tree lemon grove, and my tangerines and key limes are just about to break free from the soil that buries them, and reach for warm blue skies in Florida. Boy, are they in for a surprise.

And the ginger roots I planted are doing well!

Here are some philodendron (those are easy, except for the time I failed at that, too) I am sprouting for friends, the celery heads are doing well, and..... I'm not sure what else is there in the tiny drag-and-drop view I see. I'm going blind.

So now I'm heading down to the garden to take tomato, pepper, and eggplant cuttings. There's that evil wild amaranth with all the spikes and billions of seeds on every branch.

The tomatoes are feeling better now that the weather cooled off, but it's too late to get much from them. Next year I'll set them up a little better.

I end up with a few tries at tomatoes.

Some peppers.

And the missing giant Jalapeno made a marvelous home for the eggplant I decided to give another shot at life.

The ristras are still coloring nicely.

A special treat, a couple of latent watermelons to enjoy.

I've found my mind wandering more and more to how nice it would be to have a thermal, double-paned, glass greenhouse built all along the south side of a home, about 10 feet wide and 75 feet long. You close it off to the rest of the house, keep it toasty warm, maybe add a few grow lights, and you've got a perfect garden to grow things all year round. Nice seating areas, a fountain, yada-yada. No more of this seasonal prepping, planting, harvesting, and preserving madness. Open it up and cool it off when you can plant a small garden outside...


Minus the pool.

Reality calls.




  1. Aaaahhhhh. A greenhouse like that would be nice. But, I would take the pool too. lol

  2. I can atest to the fact that a greenhouse is wonderful! I'd like a pool too, just not all the matinence that goes with it.

    I need you here, I'm so far behind on getting things planted in the greenhouse*sigh* Mostly just cool weather crops of lettuce, cabbage,spinach, kale and chard. We did manage to get the rosemary dug and put into pots and in the house. It won't overwinter and this year the plants I bought grew beautifully and I don't want to loose them. They make the house smell wonderful! I'm going to try this with lavendar next year*wink*

    I hear you about the getting older issue, somedays I have tons of energy and others I just can't get motivated.

  3. SFG,

    I am so missing swimming right now, I would love to have an enclosure to be able to use it several more months out of the year. Evan if you could just prolong swimming til the end of November, and start it up again at the beginning of March, it would be so great.

    Send us all to the poor house, heating it though. Unless we could get create enough with cow manure, but then the ode de bovinia might linger a bit much when we toodle into town.


  4. Kelle,

    You've got so many things going on, it's no wonder you might be a little behind in some things. I love hearing about all you do.

    I'm lazy enough that having a heated greenhouse attached to the living quarters sounds even better than a regular greenhouse. Well.... instead of calling it lazy, I'll call it highly functional greenhouse living.

    Yeah. I like that.


  5. I am thinking building a greenhouse around the pool would be a great idea! Buy a lottery ticket quick! Ok you have to tell me about the hanging peppers. are those banana peppers? do they turn red after you hang them?

    Nice watermelons and cuttings!

  6. S's Mom,

    I've used hot banana, sweet banana, jalapeno, and anaheim for the ristras this year and yes, they do turn color after you hang them! You can also lay them down to turn color and dry a bit first, then they are not so heavy to hang.



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