Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Civil War Ball Workshop


Our homeschool group brought in some experts on Civil War reenactment dances to fine tune our dancing and etiquette at our balls. The workshop consisted of class from 9 to noon, then time to eat and dress, returning at 3 for a practice ball.

It was very warm, a sunny Saturday, and the ambiance of the gymnasium was not quite as lovely as it was at our Spring Ball which was held at a Country Club, but we did learn new dancing and were given a better idea of proper clothing than we'd had before.

Some people are SO camera shy.

And some are not.

Michael and Ashlee.

We saw some clothing examples. This is a man's cutaway coat. I can't wait to sew one for Michael.

Here are the Grand Marshalls, the couple who taught the workshop.

Many scenes form the practice ball.

This was so sweet. These little girls were just jabbering away, all excited about the ball, while the little boy was seeking adventure, stealthily spying through each curtain opening, and completely oblivious to the constant chatter behind him. Give him time...

A parade of gowns...

Michael and Daniel.





Michael and Ashlee; Waltzing and Virginia Reel


  1. Wow how beautiful. You are blessing your son so much by homeschooling. Not many kids get to "live" the civil war.

  2. What a wonderful workshop..those dresses are simply gorgeous. What fun!

  3. Looks like you all had fun! Missed you today! I haven't been on here to check out all of my blogs in a while, so I am just now seeing some of your previous posts. I always wondered what those fairy rings were... now I know! I also liked the pic of M. riding the lawnmower with a book... very studious of him :-D Love you and hope to see you soon! Oh! And before I forget, I think we are going to meet at 6 or 6:30 on Thursday at the warehouse to practice for Sunday. I think we will prob get together another time too, but we will take it from there. I will let you know more later~

  4. Tracy,

    It sure makes learning history a bit more interesting. :)


  5. Carol,

    It really is fun!

    Apparently they did not decorate the dance halls very much in the past. The women and their gowns were the visual treat.

    Usually just a few lamps and ribbons were the backdrop for the rainbow of colors.


  6. Yeah,

    Had to do the office, and I pulled a muscle in my neck, so I didn't even try to do both.

    OK. Talk to you soon. :)


  7. THIS looks amazingly fun! You will never regret all the time and effort you put forth into homeschooling. It is a win/win that you will never forget!

  8. Faith, thanks for sharing all the photo's of the Ball, looks like you guys had a blast! I shared your blog with a colleague of mine that is contemplating becoming a stay at home mom. I told her she should check your blog out in regards to Home Schooling. I think if we had it over to do again, we would have considered that approach! And BTW..thanks a million for always taking a minute from your busy schedule to post a comment on my blog! :-)

    R Dean

  9. Cyn,

    It is! The Civil War dances are more sedate. I like the rolicking fun of vintage dancing, and the genteel quality of these balls. We enjoy both.

    If you can find some near you, try them out. :)


  10. Dean,

    That's so funny. From your one single picture, I'd have never guessed you were old enough to have already raised kids! LOL

    I have loved home schooling for the 25 years I have done it. It has not always been easy, but the time I've spent being able to raise and teach my own children I'd not trade for anything. :)

    Yup, I enjoy your blog, though it's been a little scanty lately. ;)


  11. I want to come!!!!!

    Are you the one that is camera shy?


  12. LOL

    Nope, not me. You can see me on my very first post. :)

    But, I must admit to being camera shy. ;)



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