Monday, September 7, 2009

If you lay down, you may never get up again.


So had become a rueful joke amongst those of us who share my own particular lifestyle.

We are TIRED!

But you know, it's a GREAT tired. By Friday night, we were fairly wiped out and, while sitting on the couch at a get together with friends, it was hard to not want to run screaming for the shores of Tahiti.

We took a Saturday Shabbat rest. Now, Shabbat is all about setting aside your worries, your tasks, the things that encumber you and remembering that the most important things are your relationship with God, and the joy and fun in the simple things of family and friends; resting in God, and remembering that He takes care of us.

But, as I often do, what began as something fun, my photography, turned into work (coming up with an order) about 3 hours into it. I asked for God's leading in it, in prayer, and suddenly the whole truth occurred to me. Whereupon I laid it down, and we spent the rest of the day playing games, reading, watching a movie, taking a nap.

Have you been able to yet open your windows? I can't wait, every winter and summer, to get to the milder weather that allows me to keep the windows open as much as possible.


I am excited about getting another scoby. I have not had one in a while. I had ordered one with a woman, and we were to go in halves, but I never heard from her again. The last few days, however, I've been chatting about it with a friend on a forum and she may be able to send me one sometime soon. You want one of these, don't you. Admit it.

Weird news of the week: My husband, who is thousands of dollars in arrears for support, and in defiance of a court order, left me a message on the machine. He'd accidentally deposited more in my account than he meant to. Please send him a check or wire him the money. He needs it.

Upon conferring with my attorney, I am keeping it and applying it to the money he owes. However, I fully expect retribution, so the money will be saved for those future weeks of punitive vengefulness. I'm so grateful I have a church family who steps in and cares for us when we need help. They have done so much for us.

The pears!

Here they are. Well, these and more that are already in the kitchen by the time time photo was taken.

They are now under newspaper in boxes, awaiting the magical time of ripening. And I am awaiting the magical time of stubbing my toe in the darkness when I forget they are there.

We are finding a few things here and there in the fusarium-decimated garden. No, not the bananas.

We are finding far more rotted produce than anything though. The melons on the counter were picked from dead plants. We have opened two of them and found they were still unripe. I suspect the rest are the same. But it's worth a shot.

A precious hubbard squash. I'm so happy!

Must get busy on those chores today! Next item, learn how to braid onions.




  1. omg! MORE WORK! I'm glad to hear you got some money, even if it was by accident. I love open window season! Soon!

  2. Faith~
    We keep our upstairs windows open all summer long. All the way up to "wake up freezing" time. I open the downstairs ones in cooler weather because the heat pump is better at it. But I suppose it stays way cooler in this hollow than at your place. :0) And I'm with you! Fresh air is MUCH better!

  3. We have had our windows open all but 2 weeks this summer. And yes, it is wonderful. lol. We had a lot of rotting in our garden too. Such a shame.

  4. Faith, I guess Jan and I are fortunate..we have had our windows open all but a few days this summer...Up in WI, it stays pretty mild, and we are grateful of that. But I am looking forward to is always nice to have the windy breeze with brisk air whisking through the place.

    I think we used our a/c maybe a week or two this year...on the flip side..we probably keep our windows closed a lot more than you do during the winter, so it probably evens out..! LOL

    Regarding the extra $$ from the ex..keep it, you and Michael deserve it more than he does!

    R Dean and Jan

  5. Faith, I too love fresh air, thus the reason why we have windows opened all year long. Yes, even in winter we crack our bedroom window, we can't sleep in a stuff room. We do have A/C but are to frugal/ cheap to use it. This summer has been so cool anyhow that we simply open windows at night, run some fans in the windows, sucking in cool air and then close up early in the mornings. Our house stays in the range of 70-78F depending on how hot it is outside.
    Your pears look wonderful, maybe with the blessing of the Lord, we'll have pears like that in 2-3 seasons. For now we're content with our apple trees so heavily laden, our raspberries running us ragged and for the remaining produce in the garden.

  6. Wow that is quite a harvest of pears. I love asian pears. I kept bags and bags in our garage refrig for at least 6 months...maybe more. Cool on the prepayment of the overdue support. can't believe he had the nerve (wasn't what i was thinking) to ask for it back. if he has a mrs she will chew his ear off i imagine. you are correct about the retaliation. how cool with all of the harvest on your counter. too bad about some not being ripe. Ok I know what a skobie is but can you remind me? isn't it a drink?

    I had 2 days with the windows open...kind of a tease. It's just around the corner.

  7. I just put up my pears this week end. Now onto the next set of stuff!


    I love having all my windows open all the time!

  8. Jo,

    Yeah, more work. When does vacation start again...?

    I've got mine mostly open at night now. A couple more weeks and I think I can leave them open. Yay!


  9. SBF,

    Great to create that air flow of cooler air coming in the bottom and pushing warmer air out the top - natural cooling!


  10. SFG,

    Wow, great streak there!

    Too much rain for you, too?


  11. Jan and Dean,

    Hey.... I just noticed that. Cool old music. :)

    I don't envy you those WI winters, but the summers must be really nice.

    Something about the wind is exciting, isn't it! Add to it the amazing colors striking against the crystal blue sky, and autumn is a thing of beauty.


  12. Kelle,

    I really hate having the windows closed. I feel completely shut off from the world, from life, from air. LOL As soon as the windows open, my mood lifts.

    Your temperature in the house is perfect. How lovely. I kept mine off for as long as I could. Really, it's the humidity that makes it bad.

    How wonderful to be getting so many raspberries! What a treat. They are so expensive to buy. I miss mine. I used to have 200 feet of them. I hope to get some again soon.


  13. Tracy,

    Asian pears are my favorite as well. I love the pear taste of familiar types, such as bartletts, but to get them ripe, they end up so messy.

    Wow, 6 months! That's great, especially for your climate!

    Yeah, I thought it was kind of nervy as well, but not out of character with him.

    I'm still his Mrs. and yes, I think a body part should come off. An ear will do I guess.

    A scoby is a kombucha tea starter. Do you drink it?


  14. Linda,

    I don't know if I want to know what is next after pears. My dad just asked me about one more batch of apples....




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