Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doll Bed; Michael Goes Shopping.


My young man is growing up. He wanted to go shopping for a hat the other day.

Dear friends came over and we thrashed our few sewing brain cells into finishing off a set of drawers and beginning my bodice. We've got a review coming up on Tuesday where we will all critique each others' Civil War re-enactment clothing to help refine our details. We are scrambling.

Fabrics that make me feel happy....

Preparing the board for cutting out the doll bed.

Look, Ma! Mattress and pillows!

And a reversible quilt!

Tossed templates...

Needed to borrow my dad's scroll saw for cutting out the head and foot boards. So headed to my folk's house and the work sheds.

I got sneaky. I decided that Michael and I do a lot of projects together, so I stepped out and sort of disappeared so these two would work on it together.

My dad is a good one to do things with, as he does them well. So you learn a lot.

A plaque that I helped my older three kids make for my dad about 20 years ago. The handsaw is missing at the top.

Working now on the scroll saw.

And I had more apples to pick. These will join the pears on my kitchen floor. Then I'm going to drive off a cliff.

They are looking pretty!

Their garden, almost put to sleep for the year. It looks Waaaaaaay better than mine.

Now ready to be sanded, glued and nailed, and painted.

And my work for the evening. These were just the last of what I could reach without climbing.

I have no idea what to tackle next.




  1. Oh. My. Word. You guys never cease to amaze me!
    Ha! Drive off a cliff! That's funny!
    And what a very handsome young man your Michael is.

  2. Wow... that's a lot of fruit to process! I'm impressed!

    Maddison is a very lucky girl to have such wonderful, creative friends. She's going to love it! What a great gift....

  3. Nice work sheds!!! WOW! They're really tricked out! The doll bed looks great, what a sweet project!!

    Young Michael looks like a chic magnet with that newsboy cap. You'd better be careful. ;)

  4. Love those hats! Looking sharp over there! :-) He can match with either Nate or Walter, 'cause they both have those hats too. I love hats!

    That doll bed is looking awesome too - you guys did a fabulous job! (isn't it fun to make all those cute little pillows and such?)

  5. What a cute hat! And Michael's talents are really taking off! Great doll bed!


  6. You all were so busy yesterday! Hope to see you tomorrow because I have something to give you (hope you like it!)

    The doll bed is looking great, and I love the hats! I love you!

  7. Cyn,

    The feeling is mutual, I assure you. I love your blog. :) I hope you have more time to post this winter.

    How are your knees?


  8. Beth,

    I have not even gotten close to doing anything with those apples. It will be impressive if they all rot on my floor. LOL

    I hope she does. I saw that doll of hers on Sunday and asked her if she had one. I'd made a similar bed for my own daughter and her American Doll, Samantha, many years ago.


  9. Jo,

    They are cute, aren't they. Their house used to be the last one on the edge of town. Dad used to shoot guns from the house and yard. Not so easy any more.

    But if you notice the little covered area, just in front of the shed on the left, you'll see a blind. He sits in there, with radio, crossword puzzles, coffee, and a comfy chair at a bench, and shoots anything aside from his favorite birds that come hear his bird feeders.

    I'm missing tools, so it's a good thing my dad has some for us to borrow. I wonder if my DH has come by and picked some up.... :/

    Yeah, I'll have to beat them off with a stick. He's such mature and fun young man too. I'm grateful he has such terrific friends that are a good influence on him, and vice versa.


  10. Linda,

    Thanks! He did a lot of the work himself. A nice extra perk. That was schoolwork yesterday and today.


  11. Leah,

    Should be there. Need to get the office cleaning done.

    A surprise! I'll take one in every color! (Is it a Porsch?) If it's fermented food products, I don't want one in every color, OK?

    If you have a Fedora, we need to have Fedora night.


  12. Kasie,

    Do they! Cool. :) They sure look good. I can see you all in your hats, playing music.

    Michael might be getting sick. I hope it's not bad.

    I thought of you girls while sewing the pillows and such. :) I still didn't get to see yours.



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