Friday, September 18, 2009

A Civil Sewing and Critique Day


Tuesday several of us that are in the Civil War Civilian Society met for sewing at a friend's house. We are alternating homes each week.

I love this dress form, and I love the dress, too!

Afterwards we trekked over to the meeting where we were to all bring our attire and have it critiqued so that we could have a good idea of what needs work.

Here are some of the gowns.

A very good representation of a 'tween' dress.

A lovely little girl's dress, though the pantaloons are apparently a bit long, and they did not have eyelet lace then.

The seamstress that did all four of these daughters did a very good job. There was very little needing to change for them. The oldest sister also has little to do.

Only her necklace needed to be made choker length.

These sleeves are amazing, and we discussed how to make them.

Lovely gloves, but lace gloves needed to be fingerless.

How to combine period correct with modesty? A challenge for low-cut ball gowns. You might be able to see the added fabric that covers her shoulders.

This very colorful dress, is still correct, but the laces and grommets are not to show. They will be adjusted so they are hidden better. Also, the fabric is bunching because the bodice is too long. This will be shortened.

Everybody standing around discussing the clothing.

I have not finished my bodice yet, so I just quickly pulled on my hoops, underskirt, and overskirt for quick inspection on if the hoops were the correct size, shape and length; and if the skirts needed shortening.

This dress was a find!!! 75 dollars at a flea market and period correct! Not to mention gorgeous! We were all ecstatic for her.

Some of the boys, awaiting their critique on trousers, shirts, vests, cravats, and frocks.




  1. Oh my goodness...I cannot imagine how much work goes into these outfits! They are all beautiful, as well as the ladies wearing them!


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