Sunday, August 9, 2009

Herbal Medicine


Yesterday dawned early as our long time friend, John, was going to stop by and see what was up with our tractor mower.

Michael brought the mower up from the field, where we'd left it in a rush to go do the dental office. The seat was wet with dew.

John arrived and we all had breakfast of farm fresh eggs on toast and some of that honeydew melon we picked, then we fixed the mower by turning it on and engaging the blades. Ta-Da! All fixed!

I felt badly that he had to stop by for nothing, but he enjoyed the breakfast and we got to chat awhile. He said the electric clutch likely was just too wet, slipping, and had to dry out.

Just before we left for my friend's herbal medicine class, I took this photo of our short grass by the house. It's already noon, the temperature is in the 80's - working it's way up to 92, and the grass is still wet with dew. I hoped you could see the pretty sparkles of light coming off the dew drops, but I don't think you can.

Anyway, it just doesn't dry out. This is going to be very challenging to get caught up. The tall grass just doesn't have a chance to dry. We have more rain coming on Tuesday...

We went to meet dear friends at Cheri's house for one of her Herbal Medicine classes. Cheri is way more knowledgeable about herbs than I am and I learned much. She sells some of her medicines and soaps and is busy trying to support herself and her children, so if you'd like to check out her wares, stop by her place. She also offers her class through the mail.

Here's some of our lovely gang.

Michael headed off with the boys and they found much to do in the way of chores and play while we were busy for 5 hours.

The table is full of herbal foods and drinks, as well as jars of medicinal herbs that we used to make salves, tinctures, poultices, syrups, etc. with.

My salve being filled. Now isn't this better than filling your prescription at the pharmacy? I hope to one day open a shop called Faith's Apothecary.

Showing her box of home made herbal medicines she uses for herself and her four boys.

Getting ready to make a tincture.

Here is mine.

I am working on lots of herbs in my garden, but I am not confident in harvesting and using them. I've been so focused on foods lately, that herbs have taken a back seat. So much to do... so much to DO!

We really had a great time. Here is another of the lovely young people, Ashlee, in our life. I just love this picture.

We made herbal supplement capsules as well.

Nice little contraption.

How to fold a poultice.

Making colloidal silver.

It was so great to spend time with friends and do some things I'd not done before. And Cheri kindly gave me some leftover herbs starts from her greenhouse, so I have 3 lavender plants! I'm so excited!

Dreaming of all the lavender things I can do...




  1. That looks like so much fun! I think I'll check out your friends website.

    I wondered what sort of mower you had with all that grass. I hoped it was a riding mower.... either that, or your boy is one in shape kid!

    I am so green with envy over your garden. Mine is pathetic this year. I don't even want to post pictures... but I suppose I should.

  2. Oh my goodness let me know if she ever decides to come do a class in TX. I so wish I had someone here like that! Maybe I do and just need to look.

  3. Sharon,

    Boy, I'm glad we've got one too. We did without for quite a few years.

    Well, the garden looks awful right now. I will be taking pictures of it soon, gotta share the good, the bad AND the ugly.


  4. Tracy,

    Yeah, I don't know how except to start asking around. See who might be selling herbal things locally.

    I did find this, though.

    I'd love to do that. Or just have the time to read and study gobs of books. My goal this year is to hopefully get a substantial herb garden planned and growing so I can play with them next year.

    It's amazing how much time this stuff takes. Frankly, I don't know how we do it!


  5. Faith, glad to see the tractor is okay. You don't realize how valuable this tool is when you have acres and acres to tend to! Know the feeling!

    We have an Apothecary near our home, we'll have to stop by there, I know JD has been wanting to check it out! I don't know if it is just a "traditional" pharmacy or if they sell herbal products. Being we are out in the country, I'm guessing the latter.

    R Dean

  6. I'm just starting an herb garden too. I want it for the food AND medicine benefits. Good luck in your herb garden.

  7. Dean,

    How fun! Especially from the New England area, I wonder if it might have a more olde world approach to it's theme.


  8. Small Farm Girl,

    Same here. I am amazed at how much information there is. Master herbalists spend decades learning about herbs, and they all say they still don't know enough. Seems a life long endeavor. We'll learn together. :)


  9. This is just fascinating! I wish she were here too! :) I am checking out her site now.

  10. Jennifer,

    Cool stuff! :)


  11. I have bookmarked your friends site and will visit often. I would love to be as knowledgeable as she or I would love to attend her classes. Thanks for posting this!


  12. Linda,

    I should have mentioned this, but Cheri offers the same class, only through email, there on her site. You can order the same book we used at the class, work through it, then you get 30 days of email help from Cheri herself.

    The link is there on her site. :)



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