Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Day of Fun with Friends


Today was a little non-eventful. We began with mowing, hoping to get it all done, but the tractor mower broke. The tall wet grass just did it in, I think. We could not even use the push mower as we were out of gas.

The grass is beginning to look like a green monster, stealthily creeping up to attack us in our sleep.

I don't particularly care for okra, but aren't the blossoms pretty?

We went to pick produce and that's when the reality of not going down myself hit. Michael works hard, but he doesn't see all that needs to be done. He picks and he comes up. I saw how bad it really it down there when I was mowing. YIKES! We are in for it.

We can't even GET to half of what is growing down there, and the garden is looking pekid. Might need more fertilizer. But.... if we fertilize it.... it will grow more.... such a dilemma! We'll have to consider that for a while!

I spent much time on the internet trying to find a mower solution, but didn't get too far. Everyone I called was not home. Then it was time to clean the dental office.

An old friend stopped by while we were there and we talked for a while. It was good to catch up. I'd not seen her in years. We'd just gone in two different directions.

The we met friends and hung out and played music til 11 tonight. Michael's first adult-like self-written song was put to full band orchestration and it sounded great.

I came home and found some replies to mower questions. A friend is stopping by in the morning, so I hope to have some good news then.

In the mean time, thought I'd share some pics of a get together we had here after church a couple of weeks back. It was great to have folks out and eat and play games and hang out under the shade trees.

It was a perfect 78 degrees with a light breeze.

We did tug of war, badminton, croquet, a huge volleyball game, etc. I played, so I didn't get a lot of pics.

Lots of fun! We should do this every week.



  1. What a great get-together! And that is so cool about the jam session. :) I am jealous of the okra! I had a couple of those and one brussel sprout growing and hubby mowed them over on accident! I am not a huge fan of them either, but I was going to try pickling some. I have had it that way and it is good. The recipe I used for the jalapenos is from the Ball Blue Book called Pickled Pepper Mix. If you don't have the book, let me know and I'll post the recipe. And great melons!!!! Ours did terrible this year.

  2. Ooh! I wish I could grow melons like that! As it is, we lost a LOT of our heirloom tomatoes to our chickens gone crazy...they found a way into the fenced in tomato garden and ate everything that was ripe! BAD chickens. Now they can't come out in the yard to frolic till harvest time is over.

  3. Jennifer,

    It's so great seeing Michael blossom in this area. We've always been a musical family, and I just get a kick out of seeing him go into that room and hearing his gift begin to develop.

    We've always had a lot of fun with it. Me, I'm a vocalist, though one day I'd love to take up the piano again, and I still want to become proficient at the guitar. Maybe one day! :)

    I do have that book. I don't remember seeing that recipe, so I will look again. :) You really have a lot of peppers all at once. You've either got way more bushes, or yours are just much healthier than mine. They look wonderful.


  4. Cyn,

    You know, I've been thinking about you all morning. Those knees of yours. That can be so discouraging when all you want to do is get out and do the things you love.

    We are going to have to battle the birds for our melons as well. Lots of peckings in the rinds.

    You whip those chickens into shape, or else. Just go outside once a day, wave a crock pot and yell. LOL


  5. I have just gotten done trying to catch up on all I have missed. Oh my goodness the hot jam sounds soooo wonderful. and your garden and piles of canned food is so wonderful. You can really see all of you guys hard work together. When you have a gathering of friends over it makes all of your work worthwhile doesn't it? to offer your place and know that others enjoy it there?

    I am so proud of you I could bust. Keep it up!

  6. Tracy,

    Yeah, I don't know how you think I can learn from you if you don't post more.

    Time is a precious commodity, isn't it! Wish we could slow it down and have more of it to use and enjoy.

    And it's true, without people to enjoy life with, it would be pretty dreary. I love having people over to fill my home and land with laughter and love and joy. Makes it all worth it. :)


  7. I promise I will get back on track with posting. Since Michael's death I just can't seem to get caught up. On vacation until Wed so I am hoping that will do it.

  8. Tracy,

    You just take all the time you need, and enjoy this time with your boy, as well. But you are missed, and prayed for.


  9. Looks like you guys had a great gathering.

    Couldn't help but notice how high your potato boxes are!

    We'll have to try that approach next season.

    R Dean

  10. Dean,

    My biggest problem with them was not being prepared with the dirt and the sides.

    I had been getting cast-offs from a little mill down the road, but then he quit cutting in the middle of my project.

    I'm going to be saving the earth and straw that I finally had to buy to finish off. I will use it next year.



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