Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Am Up and Running!


Last night while many of us were prepping food in the kitchen, one young man was kindly sitting here at my computer desk making some sense of this mess.

Yes, my suspicions were correct, my PC is full. As Walter said, it had just run out of the fumes it was running on. LOL

111,065 images are currently taking up 66.8 GB; approximately 1/2 of my memory. I knew my pics used a lot of room, this camera records a lot of info. Another 57.6 GB are taken up by music. I had no idea music took up so much space! I had put most of my CDs on here so I could quickly play music whenever I liked. I may have to go back to using the CD player, except for those of which I no longer have the discs.

I am going to have to make executive decisions on what to delete.

But I want to quickly share with you a great program Walter downloaded for me that showed this information. VERY helpful!

It visually shows your computers files. I wish I knew how to take a screenshot of my WinDirStat window. But it shows every single file, labeled, in boxes according to size, so you can have a perfect visual of what is in your computer, sorted and organized.

This is not mine, but an example of how it looks.

OK, so I'm temporarily back in business, but have to eliminate a lot of files before having some security.

Thank you, Walter!




  1. I hope you get it up and running. I once scared myself into think the hard drive was full. I set the virtual memory really huge, so my computer was using like 80% just to run programs. Whoops! It was creepy, because the files weren't taking up any room at all. I thought it was a virus or something that was going to eat up all the memory. LOL! I hate computers sometimes!

  2. I hope before you delete photos (although I understand that) keep in mine memory sticks are very cheap and can hold all of your photos and documents and can be stored in a fire box. I am getting caught up. I have been gone a few days. I hope your 4th was wonderful

  3. Jo,

    I am not a fan of computers either. Yet I spend an unbelievable amount of time on them.

    Being a person who loves to learn, the change in the last 20 years from putting all the kids into the car and heading to the library have been exchanged with zipping over to this chair and doing a search. An incredible depository of information to learn from exists here.

    But I would not mind too much if all of the disappeared one day. ;-)


  4. Tracey,

    I've been putting all my pics on Flickr, just in case my pc were to ever crash. But that has it's own worries as well.

    I need to finish putting all the pics on disc. I don't think I've done the last year, and then look into other options as well. I don't know how many pics would fit on a stick; someone mentioned a hard drive. I've got to look into these things this week.



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