Monday, July 6, 2009

Ah, the Ups and Downs.


Browsers down again.

Well, honestly? We have not been doing much for the last few days. I'm getting a little nervous about going down to the garden area for fear of what I might find.... ;-)

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we spent doing outdoor things that spruced the place up visually. You can't have a bang-up Fourth if your place looks a mess. Then we did lots of housework and cooking.

The Fourth was terrific! Great friends, who are really more like family. Lots of fun and games, chatting and eating, swimming and the like.

Sunday I had a surprise day with my oldest sister. She was in town when I was not expecting her until the last minute, so we didn't go to church but spent time visiting, and she helped us clean the dental office. Hooray! Can't beat that, now can you!

I happily took leftover food to town with us so we could 'host' a BBQ lunch for her birthday, and that helped empty the fridge somewhat, and we've been eating way too much.

Today has been rough. Only got 3 hours of sleep last night. Tossing and turning. My only daughter will not have much to do with me. She was at the party, but her rejection is always painful. It's hard to keep up a smiling face when all you want to do is know why things are the way they are and you know you will not be told.

So..... more lemons... I can get good at this!

OK, we had some wonderful homemade lemonade on the Fourth, brought by Leah. It was very tart, made you pucker. And so delicious! Not that overly sweet kind, but the kind that wakes you up and says, "Here I am! A LEMON! Now what are you going to do with me!"

I'm going to drink deeply and enjoy the sugar and friendship that make it all worthwhile. :)

I finally got up and got busy, but I'm really feeling yucky today. Several calls with my lawyer, and a meeting tomorrow.

But on to more farm-like news!

We got our studio cleaned out and organized again. YAY! That's usually a yearly thing, and with only us here, we don't make too much of a mess. The worst things were the ladybugs that had all died from a bug bomb we'd put in there last fall.

Probably a half gallon of carcasses were swept out. Glad they are gone. We should have used a bomb in there years ago, it really cut down on those malevolent ladybug impostors.

Michael is proving to be mechanically inclined. We attempted to repair our air compressor and I was about to give up a couple of times and throw it out, but he would take the tools and - Presto - accomplish what I could not. The young man is a gift to me. LOL

We just now took the motor to town, hoping they could tell us what part we could buy and replace, but the motor is frozen, so sadly, looks like it's junk. Will have to see if anyone has a use for a tank.

Sorry no pics. Would have liked to show how to take apart that compressor motor so someone else can just do it, rather than flail away at it needlessly. ;-)

Heading out to cut sunflowers for a bouquet again!




  1. Sorry you've been having a hard time. You're doing that best you can. There's nothing to feel bad about there.

    We have the same problem with the ladybugs, or fake ladybugs, whatever the heck. Last autumn they were crawling through every orifice in the house! Yuk!

  2. Hey lovely! You'd better check that "pickle patch" soon... you know how they like to sneak up! Glad you got to spend some good time with your sister even though we missed you yesterday! Hope you get some sleep... Love you~

  3. Faith...We have 5 kids, and one of them is not really speaking to us. Our middle child, Krystal, (the only one of our 5 who is adopted...she was the daughter of my husbands sister, and she could not take care of her. We got her when she was 20 months old..she is now 27)has been in trouble before, and we had temporary custody of our grandson, who is now 8 1/2. He just went back to her in May after living here for nearly 2 years. She will not let him see us and pretty much doesn't answer our calls. She owes us a lot of money, and will not pay it. It has been a difficult row to how.
    I will pray for you and your situation.

  4. Faith,
    I'm sorry about your daughter. I hate it for you!!! I am gonna pray for her, after all...isn't that all you can do? Free will and such...and on a lighter note...I LOVE lemonade! And like life, the more you put into it...the sweeter it gets!(big hugs)! :0)

  5. Jo,

    They are awful aren't they! LOL And vacuuming them up only makes the whole house stink.


  6. Leah,

    Grooooooaaaaan! Yes, we are heading down to pick squash and cukes this morning. I'm scaaaaaaaaaaaared...!

    I think you make the best home made lemonade I've ever tasted, did I tell you that? :)


  7. Cyn,

    How odd about Krystal. I'm so sorry for you, as well. :( I can understand the need for space if you've done something damaging to a person, but when you've been loving and supportive, I just don't get it.

    My oldest boy will not have anything to do with me either. So that is 1/2 of my brood. You can only ask to work things out so many times and be ignored before you just let it go and wonder how long, if ever, before things will become clear or change.

    Loving kids, one of the greatest joys and greatest sorrows combined. But if I could, I'd have more. Praying our situations will untangle and be righted.


  8. SBF,

    Thank you. :) Yes, waiting on the Lord and trusting Him for the results of our obedience. When you are so frustrated by things, but can do nothing about them. Praying and letting it go. Difficult. But teaches me much. :)


  9. Faith,
    Life is sometimes bitter sweet, and the good Lord has blessed you with the ability to see and focus on the sweetness that comes from it all. I'm prying for you and your astranged children as well as for Michael, who I'm sure is hurt as well.
    I'm betting there isn't one parent that hasn't delt with an astranged child for one reason or another. It hurts, deeply, I know. A wise Christian frind told me once that when they are tots they step on your toes, when they are young adults/ adults they step on your heart. As you stated you simply turn it over to the Lord, difficult as that may be, wait and learn. Keep your eyes focused on the Lord and the rest will fall into place. {{{HUGS}}}

  10. Faith, I have four children, two of them have 'left the fold' so to speak. Both of them over men. Every day I have hopes they will return, every night I pray to God the same prayer.

    Life is sad sometimes. Just sad.


  11. I have tried to post a couple of replies and am not seeing them. I hope this one shows up. I finally sat down long enough to at least read this last blog entry. I am very glad you had a good fourth. I hate it when children act like children and they are adults. All I can say is she will be treated the same way by her children because she is teaching them as she goes. I treated my mother that way and my daughter at times treats me that way. Never my son though. Even when he is angry with me he is still respectful.


    Darn I want lemonade!

    I make a rockin limeade too.

  12. Hi Faith, I hope your computer hasn't konked out! I love those sunflower bouquets, it's like bringing bits of sunshine into the house.

  13. Hey Jo,

    The pc locks up quite a bit lately, and I absolutely cannot load any more pics. (much sobbing here)

    I hope to get it going soon. Just had bills all come through, so maybe I can catch my breath in a week or so. :)

  14. Kelle,

    Thanks, words of wisdom indeed. :)

    I guess we've all done our share of hurting and being hurt. Silly, isn't it.


  15. Tracey,

    I got this one at least. :)

    Gee, now you've got me thirsty for lemonade again.

    I need to go around and check out everyone's progress lately. I've not been at the pc too much since it's not playing nice with me any more.


  16. Linda,

    Seems epidemic lately. People are getting more self centered these days; further from family and doing the right thing.

    Not everyone, but the world in general. And our kids get pulled in sometimes.

    Time helps, but waiting is hard.



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