Friday, November 19, 2010

Stunny November


After reading about blogging friends being snowed in and bitter cold following, I'm again keenly aware of what a gift this mild weather is.

We've been using it as intelligently as possible by continuing the work on the greenhouse. Despite diminished brain function that I choose to blame on fatigue and age, I am managing to communicate my thoughts just up to the level of basic understanding; most moments.

As we speak, Michael is finishing his lunch and then we'll both head out to resume work. We've almost got one end completed. Now that we've figured it all out, the slowness that plagued the last few times out there has dissipated. But not in time. I don't think we'll be able to finish the other end before Monday.

Monday being Thanksgiving week, I'm doubtful as to how far we'll be able to get, finishing it up. But we'll be out there trying, anyhow.

It looks fabulous. It looks like a greenhouse frame - and that is definitely fabulous.

OK. Heading back out.




  1. Faith,
    Hey there. I just wanted to touch base. I am so jealious about the greenhouse..haha. We sold ours as we are moving. I miss it already. You will definately love it.
    We are just now getting into rhythm with our hs. I finally found some books I love and I have a schedule I am liking...although there is room to move. Today we are getting ready to do our nature study and home ec. We are making the easiest pumpkin cookins ever. You should try them. I think it is on my blog. Got off course with Shabbot...haha. Thus is life. Hope you and Michael are having a grand Autumn.

  2. How wonderful to hear of your progress! I know I am not going to get a ton done this week. I had an unexpectedly hard week with my son and his homework (might as well be homeschooling - I wish - at this point) and it just delayed all my projects and goals. I guess you have to take what comes!

  3. Argh, I can't wait for you to get your camera back operational so I can see the greenhouse.

    I guess I will have to use my minds eye once you describe the finished project in excruciating detail.

  4. Lori,

    I sure miss you, and I'm so glad you stopped by. How are you doing with the changes? Do you have a place you are moving to yet? Email me and let me know what's going on.

    We've not been taking our Saturday Shabbot as much lately. Seems something always comes up. It's hard in this society. Nothing is geared for that schedule, and when you are the only ones doing it you really are going against the flow.

    But today we've managed to arrange the whole day, other than a rehearsal for the ballet production Michael is in. Oh, I guess I could make a post about that. It's been pretty funny.

    Yay, on the HSing! You are getting right into it!

    Don't be such a stranger!


  5. Nancy,

    I hear you. Sometimes with all these derailments, projects feel like train wrecks waiting to happen.

    I hope the Skyping thing can help. :o)


  6. Chai,

    I was thinking out there as we were working, how much I wish I was photographing and posting the instructions for what we did.

    I am going to force myself to use Michael's camera on the second end of the greenhouse. It's more of a pain to use and get the photos posted, but this is such an important project. I've searched out how to put a greenhouse together so many times, and I really appreciate detailed photos of how-to's.


  7. Still snowing here, 12-14" of snow on the ground and -4F temps forecasted for tonight. The animals are all bedded, water and feed well and we're enjoying the confort of our wood stove heat and shelling dried beans from this seasons garden :o)

    You are so... going to love your greenhouse! We are nuts over ours.

    Age is affecting my brain function as well as hormonal changes*wink* I wear out much more quickly, but find that even if I take a quick 10-15 minute nap I'm ready to go again, LOL!!!!

    Blessings for your Sunday


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