Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prayer for a Dear Friend.


Yesterday a man who is so dear to our hearts, a really wonderful Christian brother, suffered a ruptured carotid artery.

This was very unexpected. He is a healthy and active man, one who is always there to help anyone he knows is in need; wise and gentle. His wife is a sweet friend to me.

This is very serious. The rupture is high up, even into the brain, in an inoperable area. If he survives, he was told that he will never be able to do hard work again, but must be very careful to not stress the artery any more than necessary.

They have three beautiful teenage daughters. Please pray that we can selfishly keep him here, for his wife and daughters, for us. We have no doubts as to what will become of him should his body die, but we are selfish and do not want to do without him.

Pray for comfort, peace and rest. I know so many of you have suffered equal losses in your lives and you understand these prayers so well.

Thank you,




  1. Consider it done. We will pray for him.

  2. We've added your friend, his family and you to our prayers. God is the great physican and can heal, so we'll pray for His wisdom in this situation.

  3. Thank you all so much!

    GREAT NEWS! He was released from the hospital and is now home with his wife and daughters! The doctors were amazed at how quickly he was healing. He is on blood thinners, will have to be on complete bed rest for a while, until the site is completely healed, and will have to hold himself back from over exertion.

    We are all so incredibly happy! All glory is to God. :o)


  4. Our family prayers go to him, Faith.
    Oh, great to know he's out of danger. Praise the Lord.

  5. Sending prayers your way!!!!



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