Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Notes To Self


#1 Kitchen towels are not interchangeable with paper plates in a microwave.

#2 Potatoes make wrinkled, unattractive centers for burning kitchen cloths.

#3 Whenever you take a car to a shop, figure on your repair being twice what was expected.

#4 Father's are very nice to have. They give you free used lumber for greenhouse projects.

#5 Ban ginger from your morning juicing.

#6 Lysol kills ladybugs and stinkbugs.

#7 When car repair guys begin by calling your 'honey' you have lost about 20 years of respect. Only acceptable if you get a discount.

#8 Keep trying. You are bound to make a decent 100% whole wheat bread loaf eventually.

#9 Buy everything you will need in life before 2011. Inflation is going to kill you.

#10 Go to bed.




  1. Yep, Inflation is going to be a killer.

  2. Why are you banning ginger? I'm curious now...

  3. I'm curious about the ginger, too.

    Here in KY being called honey is the norm. EVERYONE calls everyone honey, baby, sweetie, sugar, you name it. Very few of us have names, haha.

  4. Chai,

    Gas has hit a two year high again, and they say food prices are going to be outrageous next year. Good time to get these gardens and such in high gear.


  5. Beth,

    I have always added ginger to my juice in the mornings, for years.

    3 granny smith apples, 1 whole lemon, 3 large carrots, a head of celery, and a head of romaine or kale. To this was also added a finger-sized piece of fresh ginger root.

    I cut back, and found the juice to be much more palatable. But still, the taste was so strong, I didn't want to drink it. Finally this week, I decided to try it without any ginger. Lo and behold - I actually enjoy the juice. LOL

    No more ginger.


  6. Alyse,

    When I first moved to the south, it was VERY strange to be called what seemed to be extremely personal pet names by everyone you met.

    But I got used to it, and even do it more myself. I don't mind it much really. But once in a while you get the over-bearing good 'ol boy type who really doesn't think you can take care of yourself. They look past you to see if someone with more supposed sense is with you, and if so, talk as if you are not even there.

    He was nice enough. But all the conversation went to my dad, who picked me up. I felt like I was 16 years old again.

    And no discount for being a 'helpless girl". I'll be a helpless girl for a discount. LOL


  7. One of my extremely Southern neighbor ladies told me when I was growing up, "Sugar, men gonna treat you stupid, if'n it's beneficial to ya, act stupid."

    Too bad to no discount. :(

    Sometimes it comes in handy, but sometimes it is downright degrading.

  8. Boy do I ever agree with you.



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