Monday, October 4, 2010

A Scottsman and Lassie's Wedding


A moonlit night preceded, as though a storm was brooding across the moors.

But a sound called, pulled from the bag and pipes of a lone player, sheltered 'neath a nigh, gnarled, oak tree.

And drew us to the chapel, through the next afternoon's mist and drizzle.

To the shelter of the stone passage.

The rain did nothing to dampen spirits,

as we were greeted by the wedding party.

And prepared to enter the sanctuary of the chapel.

Where, after the greeting of friends, the groom anxiously awaited the arrival of his bride, attended by bonnie lads and lassies.

Then, she came, like the morning mist gently and graciously drifts across a thirsty land.

All gave hearty approval to said vows.

And they left, as man and wife, before God.

Then there was the Cute Factor. What a doll!

We made it to the reception in time to have our choice of tables.

Preparing for fun.

He may still be playing.

Gorgeous! Our best wishes and prayers for these newlyweds.




  1. It was a beautiful wedding! The wedding party was so great, and everyone was pulling together helping each other out. Though it wasn't really wanted, the rain set a lovely scene for the theme.

    Btw, Your last post looked kind of death-defying. :-S I bet he's happy to have that up though!

    Love you! Missed you Sunday!

  2. What a beautiful church and grounds. Astounding.I'd enjoy a complete tour.
    This is a beautiful post. The first picture was mesmerizing. A painting?

  3. Leah,

    It sure was. If ever a misty, drizzly afternoon worked for a wedding, it was this one. You were beautiful, too. You need to watch that outshining-the-bride thing.

    I loved how the whole party came in to the chapel, too. It was really lovely.

    Yup, he's very happy to have his rings up. He's been waiting a long time. Had his first real workout on them yesterday. See you tonight!


  4. Sissy,

    It was a very beautiful place, right there on the lake.

    Nope, the first picture was one I took of the full moon. It was a long exposure without a tripod, so it did not come out crisp and clear.


  5. There you go again - taking pics like a pro! So glad you were there - missing you!

  6. I just love the sounds of pipes! Our youngest daughter has a scottish wedding complete with pipes.


  7. Nothing like bagpipes and kilts. What a wonderful wedding this must have been.

  8. Cheri,

    Aw, thanks! I really loved yours, as well. It was hard not to get gorgeous shots at such a beautiful place. Only problem is that I hate using my flash and interrupting people's lives that way, so I get quite a few blurry shots.

    Using flash judiciously...


  9. Linda,

    Really! Have you got a post with pics? I'd love to see it. :o)


  10. ChaiChai,

    Hauntingly beautiful, aren't they?



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