Thursday, July 22, 2010



I can't hide the truth any longer.

I have an addiction.

I am addicted to the Flickr and Flock combo platter.

Without it, my blog goes empty.

I went to the forum this morning and found that they are having a similar issue that we went through last year. Flickr changed their code. Now Flock has to rework their whole interface to get the two programs to mesh again. That will likely take several weeks again.

My blog feel drab without photos. A picture is worth a thousand words and BOY! Do I love putting those in instead of coming up with a thousand words each. I accept the challenge, however.

We've done school for the day. Now we are mowing and working outside to try to get things in order before the next line of rain comes through in a few minutes. We've had regular afternoon storms all week. So grateful for moisture! But our canopy finally had to come down, and I miss that. Wish I had some photos of the canopy actually COMING down. You'd have LOVED it! It was really more like 'up' than 'down'. Para-sailing comes to mind. I've always wanted to fly, and we almost got our wish.

I've been canning, gardening, restoring the flooded end of the house back to normal. I got to sleep in my bed last night for the first time in nearly a week and a half. Ah. Bed is good.

Algebra. Have I mentioned I've not been a fan of algebra? But Michael and I are whooping it together. It's fun to do it with someone, hashing out differing solutions. Home schooling is so much easier to learn a difficult subject like that than in public school. Nearly unlimited resources are available here, while school is so structured and limiting. I may end up liking algebra after all.

We've picked about 10 gallons of blackberries from the canes so far this year.

(The wind has just arrived, announcing the soon onset of water.)

As a mother, this is an interesting time in my life. Michael is diving into manhood by leaps and bounds. He is taking over, making decisions, grabbing problems by the shirt and belt and tossing them out on their ears. What a blessing to have a son who chooses to grow up, yet still retains such an incredible sense of fun and adventure.

He may have his first bonafide job with his friends in a week or so. Cool. He has terrific friends so he'll also have a good time of fellowship while earning, and being a blessing to others.

(AGH! Rain is here!) running out to shut van doors...

We've been blueberry picking a few times. I think we are heading out again this weekend. You cannot help but think of Heaven when you are standing there, hearing birds singing, feeling the warm sun on your arms, watching the clouds drift by, popping big, fat, juicy berries in your mouth.

Most of you reading this know what I mean when I say we are all so blessed. There are incredible gifts all around us, raining down from the Father of Lights. All we have to do is look up, open our eyes, and say "Thank you!"

Thanks to the dear friend who sent me beautiful packages of vanilla beans! They arrived today and I'm so excited! I can't wait to try them out, they smell.... sniff, sniff, sniff....
...Amazing! I'll have to hit someone up for a base tonight.

Now I'm back to preparing some snacks for our get together this evening. I am determined to use leftovers so even I have no idea what it will be. I'm thinking something to do with Swiss Rolls (which I must get out of this house) and white chocolate or banana cream pudding.

My apron is a lab coat today.




  1. Hey!

    I'm having one of those days where its hard to form sentences, but glad to see you posted again. I also prefer to have at least one photo in my entries too. My paragraphs aren't as colorful without them.

    We also finally got some rain, it was about 2 weeks with nothing and the hot weather was not helping. I used the sprinkler to water things but tried to not rely on it. The storms that brought the rain also had a few bona fide tornadoes... those things are almost unheard of around here. Definitely unusual!

    Oh, what would i do with 10 gallons of blackberries? Well, my teeth would be purple for starters! :o)
    The raspberry bush that escaped from our neighbors yard has provided us with a number of good handfuls of sweet berries. That is an unexpected little gift from Above.

    Kids, they can be a blessing... my oldest is going through an awkward stage right now and its anything but peaceful at times. I'm hoping tranquility will return soon!
    Your son seems wise beyond his years. From your descriptions of both, it sounds as though he is modeling himself after your dad.

    Algebra... uggh. I still wake up from dreams of going to school and failing algebra tests. If you have found a way to enjoy it, then i am thrilled for you. I had voluntarily stayed after school with instructors, sought out tutors, tried and tried and tried to understand the more complex concepts to no avail.

    Oh, good news on the cuttings... well sort of. All was not lost. I have one hardy kiwi cutting that took! Of course that was the only cutting that got anywhere, but i was about to announce my total failure when i noticed it sprouting new leaves from the bottom of the stem!

    Vanilla! Don't the fresh beans smell soo yummy!
    Ice cream, fruit w/ vanilla jams, vanilla sugar, custards, extract.... so many uses.

  2. Your sentences look great! What are you talking about? LOL

    Looks like we share our weather, even this far apart. We've had about 3.5 inches over a week. But yesterday it was 99 degrees - with humidity.

    The blackberries just keep coming. I still haven't used up all of last year's yet either.

    I am so excited about the kiwi. Lets see, somewhere you wrote some ID info about it. So many places to search for conversations. LOL

    Yup. I shared that yummy smell with all the ladies on Thursday. They loved them. Can't wait to start a jar. Still need vodka!


  3. i thought i posted the kiwi flower ID on your blog comments but i just looked and i can't find it. it must be in the comments on mine.

    can't wait to see if we have Shewies or Hewies ;o)


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