Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Has It Been Nine Days? ~~ May 24, 2010


I've honestly been so tired I have not felt like blogging.

Also, I don't know how many of those who read my little-blog-of-grand-adventures watch the news, but so much has been going on that it's a little overwhelming. I am a firm follower of Jesus Christ, and I believe what the Bible says about the coming end of days.

For years I have been watching, paying attention to things to see when they line up with what the Bible says. For the last few years events have been happening so rapidly that I always said my head was spinning. Well, I had no idea what I was talking about. The last couple of years of head spinning have been a cake walk compared to the last couple of months, and I don't see things slowing, but instead increasing.

I have unsaved family members, including the man who is still my husband yet refused to take his place as one, and my heart is burdened for them greatly. This could all be drug out for some time, or it could happen very quickly. But what is coming for those reject Yeshua Messiah as Lord in their life is terrifying.

How's that for an opener?

This pool wore me out! As of today's entry, it is up and operating, though not completely finished. I'm seriously getting old, here! I do not remember being this physically tired before. I guess I should not be surprised, what with menopause and lupus, but it is strange to see yourself decline, you know? We are so glad it's up!

I wish I'd had time and energy to document everything we did, like a very detailed pool construction tutorial, but being so tired and planning so poorly got in the way. I will share some of it, and hope that it will be useful to anyone who wants to set a pool up. Including Michael and I at any later date.

This is the third steel-walled pool I've set up. The very first one I did myself. I was very young then. I can't believe I did it alone! LOL But the place was level, easy to prepare, and the weather not quite so much like a sauna.

Here's Michael, trimming the replacement deck boards for the three that were so tweaked.

It's really not the best job. But I am sacrificing looks for the budget. We bought only what we had to for making the deck safe and comfortable, four boards and some screws. We actually had to rip one of the boards to make it narrow enough to fit here. That means we ran the saw all along the length of it, lowering the resting plate on the saw to adjust the depth enough not to cut through the joists below.

Still, somehow, the ends did not line up. We lined up the curved ends and found that shrinkage over the years had affected length as well, something that surprised me, considering these were all screwed down quite tightly. So we used a board to guide the line I scratched with a screw tip.

The ends had nails in them, from the little duck barrier we'd installed years ago. They could not be pulled so trimming the deck had to wait until we could get a diamond tipped saw blade.

It was very hot, so we temporarily used plumber's tape and some screws...

to affix this nifty shade umbrella we found at the dollar store. Wouldn't a dollar been a great price? It was 20 dollars. I almost got 4 for twenty dollars, but then they found the price was labeled wrong. Too bad!

And we laid down the guide rails to get an idea where we needed to level the ground a bit better.

After that I wimped out. Standing there with the heat reflecting up from that dirt did me in. What's with aging, anyway!




  1. You do ALL this while going thru menopause and have lupus??? No wonder you're exhausted! I'm tired just reading about it!

    And you are so right about the events going on in the world today. Especially the past 2 months. The oil spill is scary enough, with the waters being poisoned. And now Israel? Those whose hearts are not right before Him, best be thinking about repentance...real quick.

  2. i agree, things seemed to be going mad even a year ago, moreso now. more than i would have expected, from so many points and sources. based on that, i suspect it will go even more pear shaped before long.
    i often enjoy Jimmy DeYoung's perspective on current events.

    good that you are making headway with that pool, a little at a time will do it. has it gotten hot much earlier than normal where you are at? we are about 2 weeks ahead of the season up here. normally i'm just putting in the veggies this coming weekend, but i was able to do things much earlier thanks to the weather and the row covers.

    glad you were able to find the time to blog a bit. its always nice to see what you have been up to.

  3. Faith,
    I know what you mean about all the news around us and getting overwhelmed, we've simply been working at turning this over to the Lord. We too have unsaved family and friends and it has been pressed on our hearts to plant the seed of salvation, hope and love.
    We're tired too, but it is a good tired :o) I too am dealing with premenopause and have found that by taking a Magnesium/ calcium powder( mix into drinks, it's fizzy) and an all natural B-complex and I've also added Maca, which is for hormone issues( hot and cold flashes, moodiness, etc...) and I mix the Maca with yogurt in the mornings. I've found over the last two month since starting this that I feel 95% better.
    Your pool is going to be so nice, you'll only want to hand out there and forget all the rest*wink*

  4. I am sorry you are so tired and your health is failing. The emotional stress of knowing what you know doesn't help I am sure.

    Take some time to float and pray. I hope you have a raft.

  5. Cyn,

    Amen! The Middle East is our time clock and it sure seems like it's twitching on the 59th second mark!


  6. Icebear,

    JDY is not someone I've heard much from. I'll have to look up that link.

    Yes, it feels like summer to me, but it could simply be that I'm running so hot lately. We seemed to go from winter to summer, with not much spring this year. I never got that month of no heat pump, where I get to just leave my windows open and enjoy the air and the songbirds.


  7. Kelle,

    It's getting more challenging to not fret about things, when they are getting so positively obvious. LOL

    Yet another time of growth for me!

    The magnesium I use, and b-complex is always helpful. I try to use N Yeast for a natural boost. But Maca is not familiar to me.

    Yes, the pool is our one thing that gives us rest and relaxation when things are just got and tired. We hate to be trapped inside, so being able to be outside and floating in the water, cooling off. I just can't even begin to express what a blessing having a simple inexpensive pool has been to us over these years!


  8. SM,

    Failing health?

    I had not thought of that phrase... I don't think I like it. :oP

    OK, I feel much better now, chipper, happy, energetic, bounding... Got to keep the buzzards away with continuous movement. LOL



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