Friday, March 19, 2010

Government, Pommel Trainer, and Rototiller!


I don't know about you, but I've had to become much more politically active lately. I called about 15 congressmen yesterday, and wrote to the President this morning.

I also received our census form yesterday. See that little mark on the first page? That's all the information the government is legally allowed to ask of me. I gave that to them.

There are two people living at this address that I am confirming by sending the form back.

The rest of this is none of their business. Not this:

Nor this:

And now it's ready for mailing. Very easy.

Very good friends kindly brought over a rototiller for us to borrow for a few weeks. What a tremendous gift!

Here's Gary, showing Michael how to operate it.

And we finished up the pommel trainer yesterday. Here is the uncovered version.

I looked for padding at the fabric store and it was ridiculously expensive. So I bought a twin sized mattress topper instead.

And this fabric. It's not really fabric, is it? What is it, anyway? Is it vinyl? I don't know, but I like how it feels when you pick it up, soft and leather-like. I got a great deal on it, 2/3 off the yardage.

Getting ready to cut the padding.

I only tacked this one on because I was originally planning on adding a second layer over it. But Michael thought that would be too much, so we stayed with this.

And apparently I got so involved in stretching and stapling the upholstery over it that I didn't take any photos of the process. We still need to put a handle on the end for easy carrying.

Ready to practice pommel horse activities!

This one will take some getting used to. Michael has only used mushrooms...


and they are higher than this oblong type that we built. There was a discrepancy between the photos I saw of this lower pommel trainer (see previous post) and the measurements people were passing around on how to make your own. I decided to go with the measurements, hoping that those who had made them had found the best way to duplicate it. However, I wish now that I'd gone with an estimation based on the shape of the model in the photo. This is lower and wider than I was hoping. Regardless, it is fine for practice, and we can make another at a later date if we so choose.

I hope to take this into his Monday class and get some pointers from his coach on using it to the best advantage.

Last night a bunch of us ladies tried our feet at ballet, hip-hop, and swing dancing. If only we could all be on Dancing With the Stars!

Today! Sun! 67 degres! Bliss!




  1. Very cool pommel project.
    i see that working in half-circles appears to be trendy lately, lol

    i can't wait to rototill, that will make me feel like things are getting started, the tiller your nice friend is letting you borrow should make short work of the job!

  2. Icebear,

    Yup. Only the coolest people work in arcs. Like Noah.

    How bad was that on a scale of 1 to 10? :oP



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