Wednesday, January 6, 2010



No catchy title today. I'm not feeling up to it. On Sunday I was passed a flu bug and have not been feeling well since.

Lot's of down time at home here. A dear friend called to say hello and, when she found out I was sick, offered to bring us anything we needed. At that moment, laying on my bed with a bowl and wet cloth in a handy, nearby location, I could not think of a thing.

Then our smoke detectors began chirping. Michael tried to fix them with batteries from his music equipment, but to no avail. So out came these two ladies with the batteries we'd need to be able to sleep through the night without incessant chirping, the box of saltines I'd requested, and they even brought food for Michael. So kind! What a blessing!

Remember the brass vase and pitcher set I listed on ETSY? Never sold. I'm not surprised, as I had no clue at all what I was doing and then let the listing run out. But this morning, really really really EARLY this morning, I listed them as my first item ever to be sold on eBay. WoooHooooooo!

I still have no idea what I'm doing, but that doesn't stop my mind from daydreaming I'm going to be a big eBay seller who works 30 minutes a day and makes 1,000 dollars a week buying and selling delightful items. Throw in world peace and you've really got something there.

Life lesson # 39573635037465 - Give it a shot, work hard, roll with whatever comes.

I'm still sick. But I am determined to take Michael sledding. He has been wanting to go so badly and we've not got measurable snow here. Just the c-c-c-cold...

Wishing you all the best slush ball fights ever!




  1. Oh dear! Not feeling well? We can't have you sick! Is there anything we can do for you?

    I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed on Monday, but haven't experienced any pain or sickness, praise God! My mouth only feels like it weighs ten pounds from all the swelling, and I look rather funny. :-)

    I certainly hope we don't have to cancel homegroup tonight on account of the snow or bad roads!

  2. Kasie,

    I had no idea you were having that done on Monday! I'm so glad you are not feeling much pain from it. The swelling is sure precious, isn't it! lol

    I don't think we'll make it tonight. By about 6 pm I've been falling asleep where ever I'm sitting. Not pretty.


  3. Faith,
    So sorry to hear you are under the weather,we're praying for you.
    I just hate those chirping smoke detectors, but they do save lives.
    Take it easy, drink plenty of H2O and pamper yourself for a few days, it will all still be there waiting for you when you are feeling better.

  4. That's funny you mention those copper pieces, as i was thinking of you listing those just recently. gotta do whatever works for you! The 1st thing I sold on e-bay was a set of cookbooks I found at Goodwill. Sold them for $600....I had about $60 into shipping. Geez...shipping books can be VERY expensive!

  5. Oh Faith, I hope you feel better soon! Don't forget to keep drinking liquids. Oh, and I give you permission to shoot those awful smoke detecters. I hate when they start beeping. Ahhhhgggg!
    Anyways, stay warm if you do go outside, and don't give your sickness to anyone else. You'll just have to take care of them. lol

  6. Kelle,

    Yeah, this one is making me really thirsty. I hate straight water, too. I was spoiled on delicious, sweet water from the well we had when I was a child. All water tastes like dirt to me now.

    So I mix a little fruit juice in with my water to make it palatable. And guzzling it!

    It's still going to be here??? Please! Make it go away! LOL


  7. Cyn,

    No kidding! That's an incredible profit. Boy, but we need to do that about once a week, huh?


  8. SFG,

    Actually, I did bring up cutting the wires. If batteries had not come on the back of shiny knightettes on white SUV horsepower, I'm pretty sure I'd have sent Michael out to the tool shed for a pair of wire cutters.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.


  9. Hey! Hope you're feeling better today! Missed you last night, but I hope you got some much-needed rest! I love you, and if you need anything, just yell!


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