Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Long Shot


I am trying to find another set of God's Design science books. These are the ones sold through Answers In Genesis, in the apologetics store.,153.aspx

We've gone through the green set already, and I'd like to get another set.

They are really expensive and I'm trying to be creative. Anyone have any they want to sell, or know anyone that does?

Or how about a trade? My green set for your _______ set? Mine have no writing in them, though Michael just found a page with a stain on it. I have always tried to save money by having the kids work off-book, so they can be reused.

We've got the three main titles, The World of Plants, The Animal Kingdom, and The Human Body. No supplements or TM, though.

Or I'd even be interested in going in with someone. The sets are 80 dollars each, but we could each buy a set and trade them off when done.

Michael is right at the end of using these great text books, as they are pretty much 1 through 8th grade. I'd always hoped to be able to get the others these last two years, but life sort of interrupted that plan. I'd love to be able to do them really quckly in this last half year of school.

Hopefully three of you have the other sets right now and I'll immediately be swamped with, "Yes, perfect! Let's trade today!"

'Cause she's got... HIGH hopes... she's got... HIGH hopes..."




  1. Sorry, but I can put the word out to my HS friends, I'll let you know.

    Please stop by our blog, we've given you a special award.

    Thank you for your friendship, it's truly been a blessing.

  2. Faith, I lost your e-mail. Would you contact me please?


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