Friday, November 20, 2009

Randomness and the Inadvertent Charmer


Yesterday was supposed to be partly sunny and up to nearly 60 degrees.

It remained cloudy, in the low 50s, and mischievously sliced by a light, icy breeze.

And that's what made meeting a friend for a BBQ picnic at the local park just a bit on the nippy side. But it was great fun anyhow and it always makes you look forward even more to nice fires and hot chocolate.

The morning began with a donation from one of our hens; a double yolk egg. I always love these. It's like a surprise gift.

And this is Bob. He loves me.

I was almost done sewing leg trim on my pantaloons yesterday morning, when my machine began malfunctioning. Needles keep breaking and catching on something down below.

Well, the little old man at the sewing shop is such a kick. You can't leave there without buying something from the sweet guy. We all compared notes one day, and found that every single one of us had left the shop having purchased some of his 'very good quality German machine needles'.

He called someone in our group and left a 5 minute message on their machine. It is still there to this day.

What an inadvertent charmer.




  1. Ha miss Faith, now Bob, he seems like the perfect man? ;-)
    Thnx for you comments on my cooking page. I'm not sure if you eat meat, so hoped not to offend...

  2. Kat,

    I am a long-time carnivore. If I don't have meat regularly, I go through withdrawals. LOL



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