Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Double Trouble


( EDIT - Having issues with my two main browsers, so had to go through IE to post pics on last entry. Whew! Took me 1/2 hour. )

I had just decided to put my pictures on manually since the browser coding issue had not been resolved yet, but discovered that I cannot even do it manually.

Here, in my editor, all the html icon links above are working.... except the "Add Image" icon. Is anyone else having this problem?

So I don't know what's up, but I hope the issue is resolved soon. Without pictures my posts are way too wordy.

Yesterday we weeded and tended the herb, strawberry, and flower beds. I ended up with two large bouquets of sunflowers. The June bearing strawberries are laden with green fruits, that the birds are even eating now. We harvested another large basket of basil.

We began gathering branches to make bean teepees, as the corn did not come up sufficiently to do so. We will do more this morning.

Last night, until about 10 pm, we cleaned out the tool shed. It's done but we need to find a place to store all our sports equipment. The year before DH left us, was the year Michael and I focused on his sports. We spent several hours each day doing a variety of sports as part of his school. We had the back of the minivan packed with equipment and just carried it around with us.

However, we've not had time for sports at all any longer, and are hauling all kinds of farm stuff around in the van, since our truck doesn't work. LOL So the sports equipment has been in the tool shed, taking up a good deal of room. We've got to find a place for it all.

I am selling a tennis ball throwing machine that I had found thrown away and had wanted to repair.

Still have a box of cukes, a large basket of summer squash, and the basil from yesterday to process today. And go up on the hill to cut and strip red cedar saplings for bean poles. Perhaps we can get to cleaning out the studio today as well.

I haven't even got to the pool yet.

And this is too wordy. ;)




  1. OMG, I can totally commiserate with computer issues. I spent over four hours from start to finish, downloading Microsoft Updates onto our backup computer so we could watch instant Netflix movies on it. Then we go to watch a movie, it crashed and then it wouldn't reboot, but today it's working fine. Arggg!!! Sometime I hate technology.

    Your tomato "cages" look great. I don't think they'll be able to muscle their way out!

    Hope you computer issues resolve themselves! Quickly!!

  2. Jo,

    Oh, no! LOL

    Yeah, I may be naive, but I would not mind so much if an EMP went off that completely took out all our technology across the globe and put everybody right back into the horse and buggy days. :) So much simpler!


  3. Hey, No problem with my pics! Sometimes computers/servers just have to get their moodiness out!

    I don't think your post was too wordy, then again, I like to write long ones too... I won't get to see you tonight, so I thought I'd go ahead and say "Love you!!!!" I do hope to see you soon though!

  4. Computer problems are so aggravating!

    It sounds like you all are very busy.
    It is so hot and dry here it makes outside things hard right now.

    I loved your garden pictures in the last post. It all looks great.

    Have a good day.

  5. Leah,

    We are a couple of wordy gals. :)


  6. Pam,

    Georgia in the summer with rainy days is not the place to keep cool as a cucumber. I wonder at those early residents, before AC, and how they managed to stand it.

    I might have been grumpy...


  7. Tracey,

    Thanks! Sure is easier to get in there and work.



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