Monday, June 15, 2009

No Pictures!


Nope, not a one!

I do want to share a giveaway that a fellow blogger is doing. Her DH makes some very nice quality chicken next boxes. Check them out over there! If you are going to need boxes, I love to encourage home businesses. That's the way America was born, on the shoulders of hard working families who worked the land and supplied each other with what that needed. We need to go back to those days.

A friend from church stopped by on Saturday and fixed our pool leaks for us! YAY!

I just did not have enough teflon tape on some connections and some were not tight enough.

I had tightened them so much that I actually had CRACKED the skimmer case at one point, so I am VERY surprised that was the problem, but by the time I came back from the tool shed with a flathead screwdriver, he'd already done it. LOL

Sunday was church. Late again....sigh.... What was supposed to be 15 minutes of quick watering in the winter squash seeds turned into an emergency of recovering seeds that had washed away, and spreading straw over them so watering again would not be necessary.

Tried to catch the Benjamin Netanyahu speech at my folk's house, and was thoroughly annoyed that they showed only the first minute, then cut it off. I'd been waiting all week long!

We grabbed a 5 dollar pizza for lunch and went to clean the dental office, then back to church last night for the end of a world view series and discussion.

Went back to my folk's house to visit and to borrow canning stuff.

Today I try to can, and listen to the speech online.

I better get busy! :)



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