Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bring It On, Babe!


OK, we have a taker.

The competition is officially ON! Who will grow the biggest pumpkin?

Michael and I have officially parted with half a package of giant pumpkin seeds to some lovable, but feisty comrades in gardening.

Who will be crowned victorious this autumn?

We, on this side of the patch, have started with an advantage. We had previously chosen the best looking seeds in the package, unaware that the competition was forthcoming.

They, on the other side of the patch, have a tractor....



OK, we can beat this thing. First - off to do finely detailed scientific research of the utmost impressiveness on how to grow great, big, fat, heavy, pumpkins.

Seems Farmer Boy and his dad milk fed theirs... need that cow!

We laughed, we played, we sewed with friends, we ate chocolate.

~~ Other farm happenings: IT WAS SUNNY AND 75 DEGREES!

We mowed.
We fertilized.
We picked up grass clippings.
We added them to grass storage area.
We squished flea beetles.
We pulled t-posts from old fence line above greenhouse.
We drove those posts back in, but in the garden for tomatoes and cukes.
We gathered more rocks.
We dumped rocks along chicken yard fence again.
We stared at the potato boxes again, wishing for more time to put dirt in again.

I'm sensing a pattern these days...



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