Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Faith Is...


Hi there!

This is me, but don't get used to seeing my face because this blog is not about me.

It's about you!

You, well OK, and me as well, but all of us ladies who are making lemonade out of the lemons life has dished out.

Good thing there are plenty of sweet things in life to add to those lemons so we can serve one another and enjoy the blessings we've been given, even in the middle of challenges we must face.

Briefly, I am a stay at home mom who married at 18, had four children, committed to staying home and raising them as well as home schooling them and being a great wife, mom, and live as naturally as possible on a little farm.

My husband however reneged on the deal and gathered several girlfriends over his years as a - SURPRISE! - long haul truck driver. A little career change he sort of sprung on me after we were married.

So I've raised four kids on my own, home schooled them, taken care of the place, remarried him after he 'changed' and now once again find myself alone with him off somewhere with another girlfriend, and me trying to figure out how I'm going to keep it all together, survive my second divorce from him, and take care of our last child without him having to suffer much more than he already has.

I've got to continue what I've been doing, plus try to earn money and buy my land back from my husband before he loses it to the IRS. I didn't mention that he's very bad with money? LOL It was land I purchased while divorced from him the first time and he used as a down payment on a home loan. I really would like to keep my home to raise my son in.

Once again I have a beautiful new beginning to experience. And this new beginning includes a hope that I might develop a blog that is more than a place to post my personal days and thoughts, but more a place to encourage others who are in difficult situations. Ladies, life is tough! Yes, it is full of blessings and fun and adventure, but it can surely hand you a box of lemons and tell you to deal with it at any given moment.

I know there are many of us out there. How do I know it? Because 4 of my dearest friends are in the same boat, and we are all creating a variety of lemonade recipes. Some of them say, "Faith can do ANYthing!" It's not true. But I will sure put out an effort to try anything I can. It saves money, keeps you from being at the mercy of many circumstances and makes lemonade a real adventure!

I am currently continuing to home school Michael. I am going to fight to my last breath to keep his life from changing any more than it already has. He didn't deserve any of this. We have lots of activities that are a part of that with our HS group. I am also trying to get my little farm back on its feet after years of not being able to work it due to my husband not wanting to put much money into it. I am working side jobs whenever I can.

I'm here to make lemonade, pass it around with love and laughter, and hopefully encourage you to come up with your own lemonade recipes as well. So grab your kids if you have them, they can play in the yard, and sit with me on my virtual veranda. I've got a glass of cold and sweet lemonade for you right here. Let’s have some fun while we take a break from work.



  1. Be well - your story is all too common nowadays. Keep the faith that you can raise your children to have your values, and a healthy love of nature and good food. I'll follow your story. You've touched my heart.

  2. Mary,

    Thank you. I'm so glad you stopped by. LOL Friendship makes life sweet and the internet affords us a whole new way to meet one another.

    I do enjoy reading your blog. I believe when people come together the work is so much better. All things are better when shared with others. And it's possible that with such changes going on in our world these days, we may all need to pull together more as time goes on.


  3. it was tough this weekend to get everyone to help planting our collective garden. everyone had something else that was very important. I had to explain - you can't be part of a garden that isn't planted! you have to show up and stick seeds in the ground. anyway - sometimes it is easier to work with others and sometimes it is harder - but you just have to keep trying because we can't be self-sufficient alone!

    I'll keep checking in! be well and remember - you can take the girl off the farm - but it is hard to get the farm off the girl!

  4. You are such an inspiration! I just found you, because you commented on my blog. I am adding you to my link list (I hope you don't mind).

    You made me cry. My son is back home after two horrible marriages and two divorces. His son is 14 and still lives with his mother. And getting layed off from his job (the plant was closed in this economy).

    You hang in there Dear Girl!


  5. Linda,

    I'm so sorry about your son's situation. Happening all over these days. :(

    I'm very pleased you added me. Thank you! I enjoy reading your blog as well. I am from the west, and I miss the open skies. I love all this rain, though. Pros and cons in every area. :)


  6. Hi Faith, I just made it to this part of your post. I'm glad I now have insight into your situation, you DEFINITELY have persevered! Good for you! Nobody that reads your blog could ever argue that you are not a strong person and I'm sure that along with your faith in God and your family and friends, that has helped you get through the tough times! I'm proud to know you (at least from a blog perspective that is), you're an inspiration to all of us, men and women!! :-) And finally, I see the "face" behind the camera, and it is truly a beautiful person that loves her family, friends and life. Your blog is awesome, please keep up the good work, love reading it and learning stuff from you! Have a wonderful day, you deserve it!! R Dean

  7. Awwww sweetie ...I LOVE your blog....I'm going to learn so much from you...Good for you for all the things you have done and are doing...there is like a gazillion kool things here, and I've only begun to glance through...come say hi on my blog if you like since I am new to the blogging world. and God bless you girl. Single?? Any men in the picture yet?? (Just thought I'd ask) ...ha ha ~Kat

  8. Hi Kat,

    Welcome! I'll run over and check out your blog. :)

    Though he left for good 18 months ago, I am still technically married, so no, I don't pursue any relationships. My husband and I are quite different in character and commitment.

    What happens after the divorce remains to be seen. Right now I am awfully busy. ;)


  9. In two weeks it will be 2 years since you started this blog, if my math is correct.
    I have to say that your blog and long-distance friendship has certainly been a blessing to me.
    We both have our own challenges, but your determined perseverance has inspired me to keep going as well. I have learned a great deal from your blog and have been led to explore many interesting ideas through it. I have also found a unique network of bloggers who actually enjoy the same things that i do, things most people don't even know or care about. I never knew there were so many of us.
    Its been better than great! I just had to look up your first post and tell you that. :o)
    God Bless!

  10. Dean,

    How did I miss saying hi back so long ago? I miss your posts and comments, but I suspect you are up there enjoying your lovely place, wife, and having fun with your dogs. Hope to see you posting again one day!


  11. Icebear,

    July 1, well you're right! LOL

    I'm so glad. Part of our prayer each morning is to be a blessing to everyone we have in our lives. I don't know how successful I am, but it is wonderful to hear you say that - an answer to prayer!

    Ditto on the ideas. You are so fun to read and find out what new things you've come up with. I know we'd have a blast if we were neighbors.... "Hey, I've GOT an IDEA!" "Cool! What is it? Let's give it a try!" LOL

    I'm so grateful as well, for the Heavenly family that the internet allows me to find and become a sweet part of our lives.




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